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About Us

Entitled is a multi-server NA guild getting its start on Scriptcraft, Valkaryie WoW, Wildstar, Nostalrius, Hellfire-TBC, Wargate, and now Classic WoW! Each server, we've continued to be a top tier raiding guild that likes to keep a casual raid environment while steadily progressing through all content. We will still expect all members to play to their peak potential and optimizing your class to the best of your abilities.

You're expected to make as much personal progress as your schedule allows. Although we're casual we will not allow a select few to drag the raid down and will adjust accordingly to continue progress. Raid Times are subjective to change but are currently Wednesday and Thursday with Monday being a clean up day for progression. Scheduled time 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST is subject to change based on current progress.


What does it takes to be a core raider and what does that earn me?
Core raiders get invites first always. We invite the raider rank after then the recruit’s and do swaps and benching as necessary but core basically means your not riding the bench unless you’re at zero dkp and are being swapped for a piece of gear or you ask for a night off (which you still earn full DKP for if you stick around for check ins and be ready to drop in if needed!)
1. 100% Raid Attendance
We count attendance as either having been there, made all check ins or if unable to make a raid night made it very clear and having let two officers know you would miss.
We are very forgiving and understanding with this but we always except our players to keep us in the loop if you can’t make it to give us clear time to adjust the bench and to fill your spot for the night if needed.
2. Engineering and Rank 10 by AQ40.
Yes, this content is easy and yes it can be done with lmao whatever dps but it can’t be done in a fast and efficient manner. We’re old, we have obligation’s and shit. No one want’s to be spending fucking 4 hours to clear MC month’s after you’ve killed Rag. We like to dick around and have a good time but fuck being sub-optimal because you’re lazy. Relative to phases this mean’s you will have most likely have a full year to accomplish these.
This also keeps up guild activity during the long BWL – ZG period while we all wait for AQ with constant premades and world pvp anytime you log in.
3. Min- Maxing
Here’s what we expect, which is reasonable to us. No one is asking you to have a level 20 alt second account to mind control yourself for warcheif’s blessing. No one is asking you to sunflower and flask for every raid. What we do expect is that if you’re a rogue who want’s swords you go fucking human. If you want to be a priest, then you first check that we have enough dwarf priest’s and then if you don’t want to roll dwarf YOU ROLL HUMAN NOT THOSE POINTY EARED FUCKS (if I don't get flips, none of you do either). If you want to roll a dwarf rogue well great, there’s this awesome thing called daggers!
The gear that we hand our is rare and sparse and even with DKP i’m going to have a preference towards the guy that values the guilds time enough to know if he’s getting CTS and Maladath his ass better be swords because that shit don’t drop often, and he better maximize it. Even with DKP this will filter down because in the long run, people who don’t do the bare basic min-max (food buff, right gearing, right enchants, pots, some elixirs and decent racials) are players we just end up cutting for laziness and poor performance repeatedly anyway.
What does "oversight" mean on DKP?

It means we run tank loot through the system for points for the raid but all tank loot and legendry's are almost always GM and Council call fully.

It also means we're not dumb and if someone take's a piece of tier gear first, we gear that person to their next bonus ( assuming it's BiS).

This will never feel shady or bad. Yet should you ever be on the wrong side of this say in a situation where you're #2 for any piece of bloodfang that drops and then lose the next two pieces to the same guy.

You will end up getting the next one you're after and the next one that you need as well to finish your bonus, overall loot still goes out at the same speed to you but we guarantee what's best for the raid without removing player agency.

We encourage heavy inter-class discussion and inner-class to help everyone understand where their peers stand on the loot they want as well so nothing is ever a surprise and communication can flow freely without drama.

We effectively turn the entire guild into a loot council community where everyone just wants to make sure that every piece is going to the right place and a newer player can get good encouragement towards the items they should be going after.

I'm a fucking casual or I don't know if I can raid yet but I want to be in this slimy guild. What do I do?

Message any officer, get the casual tag and be added to the casual part of the team sheet.