Half Helmet Football Plaques


Sports plaque is fully customizable down to the player level.  Full-Size helmet with your team’s exact color scheme and logo. Design your own engraving plates with what it is you are celebrating.

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“The Sports Plaque”  – Our Commemorative Style

Originally designed as a replacement to the traditional High School super bowl ring which is overpriced and difficult to display, the Half Helmet Football Plaque serves as a lifetime memento of your proudest moments.  The plaque makes the perfect gift for graduating seniors – something they can take with them to college and proudly display throughout their lifetime.

Our plaques use high quality, full- size helmets with the exact color scheme and logo of your high school team.  Our boards are made with a rich looking finish in either black or cherry.

Customize your engraving plate with things like player name and number, position, nicknames, awards/championships won, etc. If you’re in charge of selecting a senior gift that your players will go crazy over at this season’s year-end banquet, you’ve got to check out the Half Helmet Football Plaque in our commemorative style.

Suggested Uses:

  • Senior Gifts – perfect for your annual banquet!!

  • Championship Plaques – more practical and easier to display than rings!!

  • Team Superlative Awards

  • Major Donor/Team Sponsor Appreciation

  • Coaches Gifts




The 8 X 10 Mini is the perfect way to display your team colors and logo.

“The Mini”  – Our 8 X 10 Fan-based Style

The fan-based style of the Half Helmet Football Plaque, “The Mini” was designed to help schools find a way to sell their brand and capitalize on their unique look and history.  Used as a fundraising tool, the Mini Plaque is a way for your team’s football helmet to display proudly in every local business and man cave in your community. Or, sell them as a booster item at games all season long to generate revenue for your athletic programs.

The fan-based “Mini” style displays your logo in all its’ shiny, bright glory for your whole town to see. The fan-based style is easy to stock and reorder without the customization of the commemorative plaque. Ask us about setting up a fundraising program for your booster club or school today!

Let us help you design a custom, full color graphic background for your school’s “Mini”, as seen here….

Boosters Clubs  – Ask us to help you design a fundraising program to support your team!!

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Sports Plaque, The Mini (8×10)


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