Half Helmet Hard Hat Plaques


Designed for the construction, utility, and transportation industries, the Half Helmet Hard Hat Plaque is a US patented design commemorative product that you will be proud to put your company logo on.  This custom achievement award stands as a lifelong memento to a job well done.

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Suggested Uses:

  • Retirement Gifts
  • Safety Awards
  • Years of Service Recognition
  • Ground Breaking and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Inter Office/Agency Logo Display

Our boards are made with a rich looking and unique piano gloss finish in either black or cherry.  The hard hat design allows for a three dimensional display of your company logo. The custom engraving plate allows you to use the plaque to commemorate all sorts of achievement events and awards.  You can customize with things like employee name, milestone or recognition, company logo, custom picture, event date and place, etc.

Stop spending money on paperweights and flat plaques that do little to accentuate your company’s look;  those wind up in a drawer never to be seen again! Recognize your valued employee with a plaque they will proudly display wherever they are, going forward. Put your logo out there for all the world to see on this unique and innovative product.  The Half Helmet Hard Hat Plaque will be a coveted gift to your valuable staff-person, customer, vendor, or honoree.

Let us help you design a full and comprehensive award/recognition program for your company.

We can also design a custom, full color graphic background for your company’s plaque, as seen here.


Styles and Colors Available:

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Sports Plaque, The Mini (8×10)


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